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Vocational Series in Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Recovery


 VIMR Cover

 Vocational Illness Management and Recovery (VIMR)

Dori Hutchinson, Marianne Farkas, and Cheryl Gagne

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 Vocational Peer Support (VPS)

Debbie Nicolellis and Lyn Legere

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 Vocational Empowerment Photovoice (VEP)

Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, Cheryl Gagne, Zlatka Russinova, Philippe Bloch, Sharon Prichett, Tracy Woods, and Debbie Nicolellis

 Spanish VEP cover

 Empoderamiento vocacional a traves de Fotovoz

Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, Cheryl Gagne, Zlatka Russinova, Philippe Bloch, Sharon Prichett, Tracy Woods, and Debbie Nicolellis

Technology for Training Practitioners



Rehabilitation Readiness

Marianne Farkas, Mikal Cohen, et. al.



Setting an Overall Rehabilitation Goal

Mikal Cohen, Marianne Farkas, Barry Cohen, and Karen Unger



Functional Assessment

Mikal Cohen, Marianne Farkas, and Barry Cohen



Direct Skills Teaching

Mikal Cohen, Karen Danley, and Patricia Nemec



Case Management

Mikal Cohen, Patricia Nemec, Marianne Farkas, and Rick Forbess


Workbooks for the Psych Rehab Process


SDSL image

Self-Directed Skill Lessons:

  • Skills for Participating in Groups/Classes/Activities
  • Skills for Working Together
  • Skills for Working with Supervisors/Teachers
  • Skills for Socializing
  • Skills for Being a Friend

Sue McNamara



Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities

Sue McNamara, Debbie Nicolellis, and Rick Forbess


Compendium of Activities for Assessing & Developing Readiness for Rehabilitation Services

Edited by Mikal Cohen and Dean Mynks
in consultation with John Sheets and David Bucciferro



 Abriendo Caminos en Tu Vida

Maria Restrepo-Toro, Marianne Farkas, and Laura Diaz



Career Planning Curriculum

Karen Danley, Dori Hutchinson, and Maria Restrepo-Toro


Workbooks for Recovery Groups and/or Self-Study


Recovery Workbook: Practical Coping and Empowerment Strategies, Revised edition

LeRoy Spaniol, Martin Koehler, and Dori Hutchinson



Recuperando la Esperanza—Libro Práctico

(Spanish Recovery Workbook)
Maria Restrepo-Toro, LeRoy Spaniol, Martin Koehler, and Dori Hutchinson



Recovery Workbook 2: Connectedness

LeRoy Spaniol, Richard Bellingham, Barry Cohen, and Susan Spaniol


Training Materials for Teaching Skills


Combating Prejudice and Discrimination Through PhotoVoice Empowerment

Cheryl Gagne, Alexandra Bowers, Zlatka Russinova, Philippe Bloch, and Sue McNamara



Enhancing Workplace Inclusion for Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities

Rick Forbess, Marianne Farkas, and Zlatka Russinova



Group Process Guidelines for Leading Groups and Classes

LeRoy Spaniol, Sue McNamara, Cheryl Gagne, and Rick Forbess


Food Education for People with Serious Psychiatric Disabilities

Alison Books and the staff and students of the Division of Recovery Services at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation


Training Materials for Working with Families


Let’s Talk Employment: A Guide to Employment for Family Members

Joan Rapp



What Professionals Need To Know about Families

LeRoy Spaniol and the Massachusetts NAMI/DMH Curriculum, Training, and Practice Consortium



The Role of the Family in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Edited by LeRoy Spaniol, Anthony M. Zipple, Diane T. Marsh, and
Laurene Y. Finley


Other Materials

Higher Education Support Toolkit

Offers simple, practical assistance designed to improve the likelihood of students with psychiatric disabilities achieving their goals in college.


Personal Assistance Service Curriculum

The training delivered through this curriculum prepares those interested in becoming Personal Assistance Service (PAS) providers for individuals with psychiatric disabilities.


Entrecruzando nuestros caminos

(Spanish Only) A culturally appropriate curriculum that responds to the growing urgency to engage more Spanish-speaking peers in the mental health and rehabilitation workforce.