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Training and Consultation

Are you, your organization or system interested in learning about new techniques and approaches in psychiatric rehabilitation or recovery-oriented services?

What Is Training and Consultation?

The training and consultation resources described in this section are designed to bridge science and practice by translating  new research and clinical knowledge into tools that are useful for you.

Training and Consultation can help you incorporate new techniques and approaches, through state-of-the-art tools/resources to support people in mental health recovery, achieve the kind of housing, employment, education and community they want.


Who is Training and Consultation for?

Regardless of your country or region, we provide training and consultation for a range of stakeholders such as:

  • Agency, system administrators
  • Practitioners across disciplines, employment specialists
  • Supervisors
  • Peer providers, peer support workers, peer advocates or associations
  • Family members, associations
  • Employers
  • Faculty, educators
  • Students
  • Researchers

Featured Training Resource: Recovery Promoting Competencies Toolkit

The Toolkit is designed to support a wide range of providers looking to promote the recovery of clients with mental health conditions, including those living with the experience of serious mental illnesses. Available in both English and Spanish.

View Toolkit

Training and Consultation helps me ...

Learn what the techniques and approaches are

Become informed through training designed to increase your awareness and understanding of topics in the field of recovery and psychiatric rehabilitation practice and research.


Learn how to deliver these techniques and approaches

Develop your ability and expertise in delivering new interventions, techniques or in the use of new tools to help the people you serve/support.

Learn new skills

Learn how to teach others to deliver, or supervise the delivery of, these techniques and approaches

Learn how to train others effectively, in recovery and psychiatric rehabilitation. Learn the skills of providing effective supervision in these topics.

Find out how

Get help in implementing these techniques and approaches within your organization, association or system

Get technical support for policy, procedures, personnel or other infrastructure issues that arise in embedding and sustaining recovery-oriented services, interventions, techniques or tools, within your organization, association or system.

Learn more

Learn to help others to implement these techniques

Learn the skills of providing consultation to recovery-oriented services.

Learn new skills

Learn about new topics

Consider new topics for training and consultation, by reviewing the Center’s recently developed materials, resources, and curricula for the field.

Explore new topics

Available Training Programs

Learn more about training programs in Vocational Recovery, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and Promoting Recovery; and the ways you can be trained in them.


In this section, you can search for other national resources which also provide training on employment topics.

Training Programs

Examples of Training and Consultation projects

The Training and Consultation Division has worked with programs and government agencies throughout the world.

Past Projects


The Center organizes the strategies it uses through a framework of exposure, experience, expertise, embedding.

Learn about the 4E Framework

Distance Learning

There are many Training and Consultation opportunities for learning online including: Self-Paced Online Courses, Webcasts and Webinars, Blended Learning Courses and Online Supervised Practice.

Start Learning Now

Learn More

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for the Training and Consultation Division to find out more about practicalities like where training is conducted and how long training or consultation takes.

Frequently Asked Questions