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Training focuses on helping you develop new knowledge and skills in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery.

What is it?

The Center offers training techniques and approaches designed to help you achieve the depth of learning you are aiming for: from basic knowledge on a topic to the skills and understanding needed to go on to train or supervise others.

Knowledge-based Training    Knowledge-based Training

   Experiential Training

Skill Development Training    Skill Development Training

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We work with you to help you find the best match for you!

We can provide you with already existing Training Programs  – or tailor one just for your group or organization.

Training takes place online or in person. Options may be entirely self-paced or they may take place at your site, “at elbow”. Training can also be a blend of  live webinar sessions and online self-paced modules. We have provided training globally in over 30 countries, as well as arranging training at the Center in Boston.

Knowledge-based Training  Knowledge-Based Training

Learn new information and concepts in topics such as: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Process; Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Services; Employment and Vocational Recovery; Peer-led Interventions; College Mental Health and many others.


Online knowledge-based training

Online Courses

Online seminar courses are available for you to complete at your own pace.

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Webcasts & Webinars

Previously recorded presentations on a wide variety of topics or archived question and answer sessions.

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Moving Along to Employment

30-second slide presentations, designed to spark interest in employment, specific to employers, providers and people in mental health recovery.

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Knowledge-based Introductory Workshops & Presentations

This training option is available as one-hour presentations or ½ day to 2 day workshops on a specific topic tailored to your organization or association.

Learn more about creating such an event on a specific topic of interest for you.
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Experiential Training  Experiential Training

Deepen your understanding of different topics and skill areas, either by coming to the Center for a structured experience or by participating at home or at work, in a blended learning program.


Volunteer and internship opportunities in Services, Training and Consultation, or Research can be arranged for one or two semesters.

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Study Visits

Study visits can be organized for 2- 30 people depending on your goals, interests and available time frame.

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Sabbatical programs

Designed for the seasoned professional or academic, sabbaticals of 6 months to one year can be designed specifically to meet your professional development goals.

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Blended Online Learning

These programs are designed to give you a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills involved in a particular topic. They include information and concepts presented online, with some instructor interaction at specific points in time to better process the information or to try out a skill component.

Blended Online Learning

Skill Development Training  Skill Development Training

Workforce development is best conducted with an overall strategy to promote new knowledge, attitudes and competencies for delivering the most advanced practices. Delivering new interventions and techniques with the people you work with requires supervised practice of specific skill components with feedback over time.

Expertise training offers this opportunity. Areas of skills development include:

Specific Interventions/Processes

Supervised practice in Interventions developed by the Center arranged for groups.  Can be a follow up to Knowledge or Experiential Training.

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Training of Trainers/Supervisors

Improve the capacity for ongoing personnel development in your organization, or enhance the skills of those already doing so, by helping them learn the skills of training others in the organization or region; develop skills of supervisors to supervise specific interventions and techniques.

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Training in Program Consultation

Improve the capacity of your region to support the implementation of new interventions or techniques by training a cadre of senior staff in program consultation.

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Post-doctoral Fellowship in Research

Training for advanced level researchers in the area of psychiatric vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with psychiatric disabilities.

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Available Training Programs

Learn more about training programs in Vocational Recovery, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and Promoting Recovery; and the ways you can be trained in them.

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Distance Learning

There are many Training and Consultation opportunities for learning online including: Self-Paced Online Courses, Webcasts and Webinars, Blended Learning Courses and Online Supervised Practice.

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Discover more Center resources: newsletters, books, articles, fact sheets, and more.


If you are interested in learning more, contact:

Dr. Marianne Farkas
Director of Training and Consultation
Email:; Phone: 617-353-3549.