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Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Boston University Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Past Projects

The Training and Consultation Division has worked with programs and government agencies throughout the world. Below is a selection of past projects with a brief description of the services provided.

Training and Development in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Malmö, Sweden

The focus of the project was to increase the competence in rehabilitation within Malmö and to increase the ability of organizations to use the competence to deliver psychiatric rehabilitation services.

Onsite training sessions occurred in Malmö. Seven staff across Vocational Rehabilitation, Social Services and Psychiatry were trained as trainers, and three staff were trained as program consultants.

Ongoing remote collaboration existed between Malmö psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners and Boston University consultants through an online discussion group.

As a result, consumers and practitioners stated they felt more hopeful and positive about what is possible to achieve.

Academic Course Development

Auckland University of Technology, Department of Occupational Therapy
Auckland, New Zealand

The focus of the project was to develop a Master of Specialty Science in Mental Health and Rehabilitation. BU faculty developed curriculum and delivered the first knowledge papers. BU supported the development of new course instructors and students taking clinical coursework via video and audio conferencing.

Lund University, Department of Psychiatry
Lund, Sweden

Developed a four-point knowledge course in Psychiatric Rehabilitation for a Swedish Audience. This course was the first ever in Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Lund University.

Systems Consultation: Rehabilitation Evaluation

Quebec, Canada

As a site reviewer for Fonds de Recherche en Sante Quebec, a major research funding organization in the province of Quebec, the Center helped organizations incorporate rehabilitation evaluation indicators into their research menu.

Systems Consultation: Vocational Rehabilitation

British Columbia, Canada

In conjunction with a Task Force struck by the Ministry of Health in British Columbia, we helped to develop standards and procedures for the expansion of vocational services to persons with serious psychiatric disabilities.