What are they about?

Discover what the Center has available to read, watch, and listen to. The Resources section is a compilation of newsletters, books, articles, fact sheets, webinars, and collections of resources released by the Center.

Who are they for?

Everyone! Resources offer administrators, researchers, family-members, and individuals with lived experience easy access to content.


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal has published peer-reviewed articles for over 35-years.

eCast Email Newsletter
Written to inform mental health and rehabilitation networks about resources in the field and updates about the Center.

Newsletters highlight programs developed and conducted at the Center including trends and resources related to the field.

Books, Articles, and Pamphlets

Textbooks for academic study, personal accounts and other publications.

Articles, abstracts and book chapters authored by Center staff.

Fact Sheets
Highlights on key topic about the reality of recovery for individuals with serious mental illnesses.

Distance Learning, self-paced study
Online courses and reading and testing formats for distance learning.


DVD/Video tapes
Select recordings produced by the Center.

One hour videos of nationally and internationally-known leaders in the field.

Curricula, Manuals, Courses

Online Courses
Study topics in Psychiatric Rehabilitation at your own pace.

Curricula and Workbooks
Technology for training practitioners, workbooks, groups and/or self-study, and training materials for working with families.

Repositories, Libraries, and Collections

Employment Repository
An archive of employment materials with a specific focus on vocational recovery.

Disability Research Right to Know
Research Syntheses and a summary of conclusions in a specific area of Disability Research.

Reasonable Accommodations
A resource to help employers, teachers, employees and students address practical work and school issues, and the ADA.

Recovery Repository
A one-stop source of information about the concept and reality of recovery.

Events & Links to Outside Resources

Conference Board
A selection of educational events and conferences in the field.

Workshops and Conferences
Hosted at Boston University by the Center.

Links to Recovery and Rehabilitation Resources
Government agencies, collaborating organizations, and general mental health links.