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Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College:
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Webcast & Video Archive


Webcast & Video Archive


There are a variety of topics for these webcasts and videos. The webcasts generally run between 45 minutes and 1 hour in length, and the videos are much shorter in length.

Amanda: Recovery is the Road

Amanda is an individual in recovery who tells her story of overcoming the mental health challenges she experienced while studying for an undergraduate degree. A combination of perseverance, support of her family, and work on her mental health challenges allowed her to obtain her BA degree and gain employment working as a researcher.

Bruce: Back in Control

Bruce tells his story of his career that was disrupted by his mental health condition, hitting a low point, and feeling no hope. Bruce then gains calm and clarity while attending classes at the Center and returns to meaningful and fulfilling work.

Tracy: Overcoming Self-stigma

Tracy shares her story of navigating a difficult employment history because of her mental health challenges and feelings of low self-esteem and self-stigma. After seeking out help at the Center, Tracy gained the support needed to help her overcome self-stigma, gain confidence, and secure employment helping others.

Lee: Hope is Multi-faceted

Lee walks us through her story of hope. Through deep struggles and profound depression, Lee recounts her recovery journey and describes finds a supportive employer who provides accommodations for her mental health condition. This enables her to be secure in, and enjoy, her position as a peer specialist, helping others with mental health conditions like her own.

Keith: Finding a Career Path

After multiple hospitalizations and residential placements while still in school, Keith finds stability and life satisfaction. With the help of a job coach, Keith finds recovery through employment he enjoys and is also realizing his goal of pursuing college to enhance his career opportunities.

Beyond the Shadows of Stigma

The essence of the Photovoice experience through interviews with participants and through highlights of the works they created.

Abriendo Caminos en tu vida: A Culturally Competent Rehabilitation Readiness Guide

The process of rehabilitation readiness, as designed at the Center helps consumers feel more confident.

Recovery 202

Judith Chamberlin addresses “What is Recovery?” How the concept developed within the consumer/survivor movement.

Principled Leadership in Public Mental Health

Leaders in public mental health must assume many roles, deal with many constituents and answer to a variety of funding.

Colloquium on Health Promotion for People with Psychiatric Disabilities

Studies have found a high incidence of serious co-morbidities and premature mortality among individuals.

Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders

Substance abuse in persons with severe mental illness is a common problem for many consumers

Decade of the Person

Creating an analogy related to the poem “Mending Walls” written by Robert Frost, Dr. Anthony’s keynote.

Recovery Vision: New paradigm, new questions, new answers

In the last century it was believed that people with severe mental illnesses could not recover.

Helping Populations Progress Through Stages of Change

A scientific revolution is occurring in the field of behavior change. This revolution involves a shift from…