College Students

College Mental Health Services


A Latin verb meaning bloom or thrive, NITEO is a one-semester resilience and wellness program assisting college students (18-25) who have experienced a mental health-related interruption to their postsecondary learning to develop the skills and supports essential in academia and successfully re-engage in school or work.


College Coaching

Intensive, one-on-one support assisting students in managing their wellness and academic responsibilities. Students explore personal strengths, values, and goals and receive individualized support in taking steps toward their goals and maintaining academic, social, and emotional well-being.



A wellness, resilience, and academic skills-building course introducing students to strategies for stress hardiness and academic success. Students practice and develop skills for healthy interpersonal relationships and self-care, as well as strategies for studying, self-advocacy, and goal setting. The class is offered through the Center and separately as a course for 1 college credit.