What is it about?

The services and resources described in this section are designed to help bridge science and practice—and practice to science.

Developing through Training and Consultation, is the section where you can find resources to help you create services and systems designed to support people in recovery/with lived experience achieve the housing, employment, education and community they want.

We work with you to help you understand, provide, lead, facilitate, teach, advocate, implement and evaluate a variety of services including, but not limited to psychiatric rehabilitation, wellness, case management, workforce development etc.

The Center organizes the kinds of strategies it uses to help develop personnel or organizational practices through a “4E framework” of exposure, experience, expertise, embedding). Learn more about the 4 E framework.


Who is it for?

Regardless of your country, region, we provide training and consultation to a range of stakeholders:

  • From administrators to front line providers and their supervisors;
  • From peer providers to peer advocates or associations;
  • From family members to employers;
  • From researchers to educators and students.



In this section…


You can develop knowledge and skills for a variety of roles using exposure, experience, or expertise training strategies.


You can develop your organization or system using consultation strategies to embed new paradigms or practices.

New Materials / Tools

Developing materials, resources, and new curricula for the field.

Directory of Current Grants

Research and training grants and projects in the topics of Recovery & Community Integration, Recovery & Work/Employment, and Post-Doctoral Research.