Resources Regarding

Supported Employment


Supported employment is an evidence based approach to helping people with lived experience return to meaningful work. Explore the details of this practice through the resources listed below.


IPS Employment Center

This is the site for the IPS (Individual Placement & Support) model – an evidence-based practice that was developed by Dartmouth to help people with severe mental illness gain meaningful employment in a field of their choosing.


Supported Employment Evidence-Based Practices Toolkit

This toolkit published by SAMHSA provides a variety of information & resources related to Supported Employment (SE), including research evidence establishing the effectiveness of SE as an intervention.


Book: A Working Life for People With Severe Mental Illness

This book discusses how supported employment leads to a meaningful working life for participants.


PDF: Supported Employment

Supported employment has the potential to secure work for those who would normally be considered unemployable. Despite the success of this model, there is still room for improvement. This fact sheet describes ways prevocational training (such as cognitive remediation) & a better understanding of the population can be keys to making a site even more successful.