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Boston University Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Online Course: Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities


Based on the values and principles of psychiatric rehabilitation, the Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities online course is designed to facilitate personal exploration, either independently or with support, through the process of considering, choosing, getting, and keeping a preferred living, learning, working, or social role. The individual is the driver in this process, while others sit in the passenger seat helping to navigate the route, as needed and wanted.

Activity outlines, examples, and worksheets are included within each online lecture to help individuals learn about the processes through the experience of direct application. The process in this online course is designed to assist a person to explore and learn about how to develop readiness for rehabilitation; to choose a valued role in residential, educational, vocational, and social settings; and to review and develop skills and supports that may be needed for success and satisfaction within a chosen role. These Self-Directed Activities may be used independently, with a support person, or with a small group of peers.

The Self-Directed Activities are organized with:

  1. An Overview of each activity
  2. An Outline of the steps for completing the activity worksheets
  3. Examples from one person’s experience with the entire process
  4. Worksheets to help guide individuals through the process

This format of an Overview–Outline–Example–Worksheets is designed to support people who want to walk through the process one step at a time. The activities are written in PDF files and sprinkled throughout the online seminar lectures, which allows the flexibility of printing out the lectures as individuals go along in the process as well as the ability to print out extra worksheets as needed.

It is anticipated that seminar participants will achieve the following goals.
Participants will learn how to:

  • Explore their Readiness
  • Develop their Confidence and Readiness
  • Choose a Valued Role
  • Assess their Skills
  • Review their Supports
  • Develop their Skills
  • Develop their Supports


There are no required texts for this course.


Sue McNamara bio image

Sue McNamara, MS, CPRP

Ms. McNamara began her career in 1978 providing services for people with psychiatric disabilities in community programs, and in 1985 she began teaching the skills of psychiatric rehabilitation to providers in the mental health field. For 15 years, Ms. McNamara worked as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at Boston University. She has co-authored several articles and curricula on psychiatric rehabilitation. Ms. McNamara worked as the Director of the Professional Development Program, which offers various options for continuing education through the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. She also worked as the Product Specialist in the Publications Division at the Center, and is involved in developing and marketing products, monitoring inventory and sales, and providing customer service.


After completing the online course, if you would like a Certification of Participation, you will be required to send in the results of your self-directed activities. The results should include information from the following worksheets:

  • Choosing a Direction from Lecture 1.f
  • Setting the Goal from Lecture 3.d
  • Monitoring My Skills from Lecture 4.b
  • Monitoring My Supports from Lecture 5.b
  • Developing My Skills from Lecture 6.a and/or 6.b
  • Developing My Supports from Lecture 7.a and/or 7.b

Send the assignment and evaluation form to:

Boston University
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
ATTN: Online Courses
940 Commonwealth Avenue West, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02215


You may register for the online course at any time and complete the course at any time— there are no time requirements at all.

Cost: is Free! Registration provides access to the course lecture pages and downloadable course handouts and materials.