Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College:
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College:
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Hiring Practices

Learn about effective strategies to help your organization effectively interview and hire qualified workers with disabilities.

What are effective hiring practices for hiring workers with disabilities?

The following are a collection of resources that explain Affirmative Hiring, or the practice of recruiting and training minorities, women, people with disabilities, and covered veterans as defined by the United States Department of Labor.

  • Contract Compliance: This U.S. Department of Labor office ensures that Federal contractors practice affirmative hiring, including employer efforts to recruit people with disabilities.
  • Preferential Hiring: The Section 3 program of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development requires that recipients of certain HUD financial assistance, to the greatest extent possible, provide job training, employment, & contract opportunities for low- or very low-income residents in connection with projects & activities in their neighborhoods.
  • Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities: This program offers recruitment & referral services for Federal employers nationwide, linking them to highly motivated post-secondary students & recent graduates with disabilities, for summer or permanent jobs.

What effective interviewing strategies can I use in the hiring process to invite workers with disabilities?

How can I adjust the hiring process to accommodate candidates with psychiatric disabilities?

How do I ensure candidates with disabilities are matched to the right job?

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