Self-Directed Skill Lessons

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Skills for Getting Along with Others


Skill Bundles:



More Skill Bundles for the Skills for Getting Along with Others to be published in the future.

  • Skills for Difficult Situations


These skill lessons are designed to be user-friendly and helpful in learning or improving some new skills in order to be satisfied and successful in a chosen role in residential, educational, vocational, and social settings.


Each lesson is organized with:

  • An Outline of Skill Information
  • An Example of the Skill
  • Practice Exercises for completing the skill
  • A Skill Use Worksheet for be used after the skill lesson

This format of an Outline–Example–Practice is designed to help an individual walk through the parts of how to perform a skill one step at a time. The outlines, examples, practices, and skill use worksheets are written in a self-directed perspective. This allows individuals to guide themselves in learning how to perform the skills to be satisfied and successful wherever they live, learn, work, or socialize.


Designed for Versatile Use

These skill lessons are:

  • Useful for those who want to work independently or with support.
  • A valuable resource for practitioners to use as part of a skill teaching curriculum.
  • A valuable resource for individuals, peers, mental health and rehabilitation service providers, and family members.