The Newsletter highlights events and programs developed and conducted at the Center as well as current trends in the psychiatric rehabilitation field.


Partners in Employment

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Partners in employment focuses on three allies, who help people navigate the world of work: Employers, families, and providers.


Disclosure and Job Accommodations

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What is disclosure? What are accommodations? When do I need to disclose to an employer that I need an accommodation? Is it my responsibility to disclose and request an accommodation of my employer? How do I disclose and request an accommodation? Verbally? In writing? Who should I disclose to? How do I know if a company will respond positively to my disclosure? Read more to see the answers to these common questions.



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Many people with disabilities are missing the opportunity of starting their own business, and they are seeking just regular employment, often with poor results. Self-employment is underutilized by people with disabilities, and there are a lot of resources and opportunities that people with disabilities can pursue…


Vocational Services: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

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Individuals with psychiatric disabilities remain unattached to the workforce in large numbers and are disproportionately represented on the Social Security Disability Beneficiary rolls. Employment rates among individuals with psychiatric conditions are meager and do not appear to be improving in comparison to the general population….


Cognitive Remediation and Spotlight on the Thinking Skills for Work Program

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Cognitive functioning (or thinking skills) refers to mental abilities, such as paying attention, learning and remembering information, planning ahead, solving problems, and thinking speed. All of these skills are important for learning, working, having good relationships, and living independently…


Vocational Peer Support: A New Specialization for Peers Supporting Employment

Vocational Peer Support: A New Specialization for Peers Supporting Employment

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Vocational Peer Support (VPS) is an approach to supporting people with psychiatric disabilities to explore, pursue and achieve vocational recovery.


Job Development and Job Retention for Persons in Recovery

Job Development and Job Retention for Persons in Recovery

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Employment Specialists and Rehabilitation Counselors, who rely heavily on the good will and sympathy of employers to help the people they work with get a job, are missing the point…


Depression, Anxiety Persistent Problems at Universities

Depression, Anxiety: Persistent Problems at Universities

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Depression and anxiety remain serious problems affecting nearly a quarter of BU students, according to data from a 2012 mental health survey—statistics that reflect a national trend. But there is encouraging news…


Interview with Kim Mueser

Interview with Kim Mueser

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Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D., was recently appointed Executive Director of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. We interviewed him shortly after his arrival and below are excerpts from that interview.



Recovery Promoting Relationships Scale

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This study highlighted the crucial role mental health and rehabilitation practitioners play in promoting the recovery of individuals with serious mental illnesses through the acknowledgement of clients’ personhood and clients’ equipment with strategies that foster hope…



Beyond the Myths About Job Retention

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The problem of achieving parity of employment for those who have experienced mental illnesses has been with us for a long time.



Six Guiding Principles for the Provision of Technical Assistance

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General guidelines of six principles for conducting technical assistance for employers who are interested in eliminating discriminatory behavior within the work setting.



Interview with William Anthony

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William Anthony, Executive Director of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Co-Author (with Director of Training, Marianne Farkas), discusses A Primer on the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Process.



Two Perspectives on Peer-to-Peer Support

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The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation has long been an advocate of Peer-to- Peer Support. Steve Harrington, a peer, founder, and Executive Director of NAPS, the National Association of Peer Specialists, answered questions about his experience, peer-specialists, and peer-support.



Creating an Inclusive Workplace

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Although people with psychiatric disabilities express a desire to work, their efforts to find and keep a job are not always successful. Many factors contribute to lack of success, but one important factor is too often overlooked: negative attitudes in the workplace.



Distance Learning and Education

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Distance education provides an effective budget-sparing solution for training, which is an essential component of effective service delivery.



Workforce Development

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Direct services providers are the key to effective service delivery, yet they may be inadequately prepared for the work they are expected to do.



Recovery Education Materials

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This issue of Recovery and Rehabilitation highlights three different recovery education resources that have been used extensively and also have  been successfully adapted by many consumers…



Personal Assistance Services

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People with lived experience frequently desire support to accomplish their goals. What steps should they take? Personal Assistance Services (PAS) and the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation’s Personal Assistance Services Curriculum may be part of the solution.



Center Website Resources

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The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation has endeavored, through its website, to provide a central location for useful information about some of the major issues facing individuals living with serious mental illness and those who support them in their journey to recovery.



Supported Education

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The undergraduate experience is the setting for their first attempts at independent and semi-independent living. They are also in an age group where many mental health issues first become apparent.



People Encountering People Training Project

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Expertise in as a mental health provider can sometimes get in the way of the most fundamental starting point of a good helping relationship: seeing persons with significant mental illness as people first.



Systematic Review

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In order to maintain confidence in our interventions as well as to ensure that they are more widely known and brought into use, the field of psychiatric rehabilitation must turn a critical eye to the fundamentals…



Using Photovoice to Fight the Stigma of Mental Illness

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A Recovery Education Program engaging students by using Photovoice to explore health and wellness issues as experienced by adults with psychiatric disabilities.



Wellness and Recovery Pledge

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The life span of people with psychiatric disabilities is decreasing at a staggering rate. At present, people with psychiatric disabilities have a life expectancy that is 25 years shorter than that of the general public.



Opportunities for Latinos

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Also available in Spanish. While the recovery vision for people with psychiatric disabilities has been put forward to guide policies and practice in state…



Principled Leadership in Mental Health Systems

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There are considerable leadership challenges in public mental health arenas. Mental health leaders are subject to directives from all levels of executive and legislative bodies, the judicial system’s constant…



Measuring Mental Health Outcomes

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This newsletter provides resources for program administrators, managers, policy makers, and others about the implementation and use of outcome measurement. The drive toward…



Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation

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The Certificate Program is a specific adaptation of psychiatric rehabilitation technology developed over the last 25 years at the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. It is structured…



Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educators Group

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In 1993, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) began offering courses in its newly developed Associate of Science Degree Program in Psychiatric…



Jump Start Initiative

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The transition from adolescence to adulthood is a challenging time. One begins to leave behind the familiarity, structure, and support of school and family life and gradually embraces new…



Assessing and Developing Readiness for Rehabilitation

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The purpose of this newsletter is to discuss the concepts of assessing and developing readiness and to explain the distinctions between the readiness training technology and the practitioner tools…



Consumer Operated Service Program

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Over the past twenty years, consumers of mental health services have developed and implemented numerous self-help initiatives to…



Training for the Future

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To create an opportunity for people who experience psychiatric disability to acquire the needed skills and supports to compete in the world of work, the Training for the Future service program…



Alternative Approaches to Mental Health Care

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The use of alternative approaches to mental health care can be substantially helpful to people living with severe mental illness as they cope with fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and stressors that are often…



Latino Initiative

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The mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation needs of underserved and diverse populations have come to the forefront of the field through…



Recovery Center

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In February 2000, the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University launched an innovative pilot program to assist people with psychiatric disabilities in their journey of recovery. This program…



Certificate in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation

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In an effort to help rehabilitation counselors in state vocational rehabilitation systems improve their skills to build and sustain…