Boston University Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Boston University Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Online Technical Assistance Response for Employment Service Providers (OTAR)

Help is provided to organizations that seek to build program structures and components to assist in providing employment services.

What is it?

OTAR offers online technical assistance services to organizations providing employment services to people in mental health recovery.  The technical assistance (TA) is conducted via video/webinars, conference calls, and email.

The service is offered at no expense to the organization.

It is funded under the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Psychiatric Disabilities, through the National Institute on Disability and Independent Living Research and Rehabilitation [#90RTEM0004].

What is the focus of the service?

These services assist organizations to build program structures and components to address a range of individual and environmental factors that impact employment and vocational recovery outcomes, including:

  • Overcoming Stigma
  • Employment Services to Special Needs/Underserved Populations
  • Integrating the Peer Workforce
  • Using Social Capital to Improve Employment Outcome
  • Impacting Family and Provider Perceptions of Employment
  • Financial Self-Sufficiency and Asset Management
  • Benefits Counseling
  • Engaging Employers
  • Self-Employment and Micro-enterprise Pathways to Employment
  • Peer-driven Social Marketing
  • Recovery-Oriented Employment Approaches
  • Promoting Work-Life Balance for Employment Retention
  • Peer Employment Support
  • Career Development
  • Integrating Individual Placement and Support with other Employment Services
  • Integrating Employment and Treatment Services

How are the services provided?

The TA is provided through webinars, conference calls, and email.  Following an initial exploration to establish the area of need, the organization is matched with a consultant who has expertise in the topic area.

With support from a Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation project leader, the consultant together with the designated organization staff members will establish the goal of the TA and develop a plan to guide the actions of the consultant and organization staff for accomplishing the goal.  More than one TA topic may be addressed and ongoing TA activities will be provided for up to one year after establishing the initial goal.

After conclusion of the TA, the organization completes a brief online evaluation survey.

How do I begin receiving technical assistance or find out more about the service?

To learn more about the service or to begin the TA process, contact:

Joseph Marrone
Project Director