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Readings in Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Recovery

William A. Anthony and Kathleen Furlong-Norman

Book (PDF)


Was: $39.95

Readings in Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Recovery

William A. Anthony and Kathleen Furlong-Norman


Was: $39.95


Recommended for educators, researchers, and advocates—anyone interested in understanding and serving the needs of persons with psychiatric disabilities. Valuable resource for staff development and for classroom use in courses in rehabilitation counseling, psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, and social work.


Readings in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery is an updated version of the original Readings in Psychiatric Rehabilitation book. It was conceived and organized as a supplemental book of readings to further explore the concepts, philosophy, and practices presented by textbooks in psychiatric rehabilitation, including the book, Psychiatric Rehabilitation by Anthony, Cohen, Farkas, and Gagne. It is an excellent resource for students of psychiatric rehabilitation, professionals, consumers, and advocates—or for anyone interested in understanding the needs of persons with psychiatric disabilities. It can be used as an academic textbook as an introduction to the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.

Citation: Anthony, W. A., & Furlong-Norman, K. (Eds). (2011). Readings in psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery. Boston, MA: Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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PDF file: 680 pages
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-878512-48-2

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Describing the Field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and the Vision of Recovery
Chapter 2: Introduction to Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practice and Research
Chapter 3: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Personnel
Chapter 4: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs and Vocational Outcomes
Chapter 5: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs and Residential Outcomes
Chapter 6: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs and Educational Outcomes
Chapter 7: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs and Social Outcomes
Chapter 8: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Within a Recovery-Oriented System
Chapter 9: Future Issues in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery


William Anthony

William A. Anthony, PhD

Dr. Anthony retired as the Executive Director of Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and professor in the University’s College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. For over 40 years, Dr. Anthony worked in various roles in the field of mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation and was honored for his performance as a researcher, an educator, and a clinician. He was the co-editor of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. In 1988, Anthony received the Distinguished Services Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness; and in 1992, he received the Distinguished Service Award from the President of the United States for his efforts “promoting the dignity, equality, independence, and employment of people with disabilities.” Dr. Anthony has appeared on ABC’s “Nightline,” which featured a rehabilitation program developed and implemented by Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. He has authored over 100 articles in professional journals, 16 textbooks, and several dozen book chapters.

Kathleen Furlong-Norman, M.Ed, MSW

Ms. Furlong-Norman is the retired Managing Editor of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal and Assistant Director of Publications at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Ms. Furlong-Norman joined the Center in 1983 and managed dissemination activities for a national research and training center including: editing and publishing resource materials related to a broad range of topical areas and networking with national organizations and associations to disseminate research findings, state-of-the-art information, and technologies. Ms. Furlong-Norman directed RTC projects focused on enhancing supported education services for students experiencing psychiatric disabilities and conducted a national survey of policies and practices that promote recovery-oriented services in state mental health systems nationwide. Additionally, Ms. Furlong-Norman received her MSW at Boston University and provided clinical services in hospice care settings.


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