Career Planning Curriculum for People with Psychiatric Disabilities: Instructor’s Guide

Karen Danley, Dori Hutchinson, and Maria Restrepo-Toro

Career Planning Curriculum for People with Psychiatric Disabilities: Instructor's Guide


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Audience: Recommended for use by instructors and consumer and/or professional leaders as part of an academic course, training workshop, seminar, or group within a mental health program. It also can be used by self-help groups and individuals for self-study.


Career Planning Curriculum: Instructor’s Guide and Reference Handbook (RH on CD) is designed to guide rehabilitation practitioners in helping people with psychiatric disabilities to specify and to plan for the attainment of vocational goals that reflect both reality and hope.

The content of the curriculum is derived from the choose-get-keep approach to psychiatric vocational rehabilitation developed at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. This approach integrates effective practices of vocational rehabilitation with tested psychiatric rehabilitation principles to help people with psychiatric disabilities to develop the skills, supports, and experiences they need to gain satisfying and successful employment in an occupation of choice.

The curriculum is the culmination of years of experience and feedback from participants and practitioners at the Center’s Career Education Program and Career Achievement Services, programs consisting of classroom instruction, and intensive peer and professional support that have served over 250 individuals with psychiatric disabilities during the last 12 years. Earlier versions of the curriculum also have been used in a range of clinical and educational settings.

Although the curriculum is detailed and comprehensive, skilled psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners are encouraged to tailor the curriculum to meet the unique needs of individuals they serve.

NOTE: The Instructor’s Guide set includes an instructor’s copy of the reference handbook PDF file.

Citation: Danley, K., Hutchinson, D., & Restrepo-Toro, M. (1998). Career planning curriculum: Instructor’s guide. Boston: Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Citation: Danley, K., Hutchinson, D. & Restrepo-Toro, M. (1998). Career planning curriculum: Reference handbook. Boston: Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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Instructor’s Guide

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Table of Contents

Preface and Introduction
Unit 1: Profiling Vocational Potential
Unit 2: Exploring Vocational Options
Unit 3: Career Achieve Planning
References and Appendix


Karen Danley Karen Danley, PhD, was Director of Development at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and research assistant professor of rehabilitation counseling at Boston University. Prior to that position Dr. Danley was the Center’s Director of Services. Dr. Danley is well known for describing the vocational applications of the psychiatric rehabilitation approach through numerous articles, training materials, and presentations.


Dori HutchinsonDori Hutchinson, ScD, has worked at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University for 25 years.  She currently serves as the Director of Services Division which serves women, men, and youth with serious psychiatric illnesses who also may be homeless, at risk for homelessness, and experience significant co-morbidiites.  Her programs have included: Hope and Health: an evidenced-based program of health education for persons with serious mental illness and serious medical issues; the Recovery Center–a Holistic health Adult Education program; The Training for the Future Computer Program; a vocational training program; Jump Start-a Career Oriented Peer Mentoring Program for Young Adults with mental illness: The College Mental Health Initiative and Individualized Recovery and Health Promotion Services for persons with serious mental illness.  She was a project director of a NIMH funded pilot study evaluating the quality of inpatient care for women with psychiatric disabilities who were trauma survivors. She serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at Boston University.  Dr. Hutchinson sits on several community mental health center advisory boards both locally in Massachusetts and nationally. Dr. Hutchinson was the 2000 recipient of the International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services Association’s (IAPSRS) Early Career Research Award for her contributions on health issues for persons with serious psychiatric disabilities.  She served as the chairwoman of the research committee of the International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services Association (IAPSRS), now known as USPRA, from 2002-2004 and is currently an active member. Dr. Hutchinson has developed and implemented recovery-oriented service initiatives that assist people who have mental illness assume their rightful roles as students, employees, residents and members of their communities.  She provides training nationally to organizations and providers who wish to deliver recovery-oriented services and conduct relevant program evaluations.  Over the last 20 years she also has developed health service initiatives in community rehabilitation settings, inpatient settings, and educational settings that provide health promotion knowledge and skills to empower people with psychiatric disabilities to recover their functional health that has resulted from the consequences of living with a serious psychiatric illness.

Maria Restrepo-Toro Maria Restrepo-Toro, MS, CPRP, has been working at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation since 1990.  She is a Senior Training Associate and has worked in several research projects and divisions through out the years.  Maria has six years of clinical experience, and in the last five years she has been developing the Latino Initiatives at the Center.  She trains people in the field of vocational psychiatric rehabilitation both nationally and internationally, in both English and Spanish. She develops training materials both in English and Spanish. Currently, she is the Principal Investigator for a Field Initiated project funded by NIDRR. She was a Co-Principal investigator for phase I / II of Community Action Grant for System Changes within Massachusetts. She was responsible for coordinating the implementation of an exemplary practice that will be culturally competent and will meet the rehabilitation and recovery needs of the Latino consumers within the state. Maria strongly believes in the need to empower Latinos with psychiatric disabilities to recover and regain hope, and to gain equal access to rehabilitation services.


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Granger, B. (2001). Book review: Career planning curriculum for people with psychiatric disabilities: Instructor’s guide and reference handbook. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 24(3), 305-306.