Experience of Recovery

LeRoy Spaniol and Martin Koehler

Experience of Recovery


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Audience: Recommended for use with The Recovery Workbook and The Recovery Workbook II: Connectedness to provide models for the recovery process and to inspire hope for people experiencing psychiatric disability, for their families, and for mental health professionals.


Personal accounts of persons who have experienced psychiatric disability—how they have struggled and coped to develop a more solid sense of themselves, their relationships, their living, learning, and working environments, and to meaning and purpose in life.

Citation: Spaniol, L. & Koehler, M. (Eds). (1994). The experience of recovery. Boston, MA: Boston University, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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PDF file: 96 Pages
Published: 1994
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
ISBN-13: 978-1-878512-04-8

Table of Contents

They Said I Would Never Get Better by Andrea Schmook
Poem: Up in the Morning by Moe Armstrong
My Life with Schizophrenia by Barry McQuillin
The Challenge of Recovery by Anonymous
Poem: Transportation by Moe Armstrong
Mental Illness and How I Overcame It by Diane Zagrodnik
My Road to Recovery by Martin Koehler
Coping and Recovery by Anonymous
Keeping Time in Chaos by Gloria Dickerson
Overcoming the Black Garden by Gaston Clouier
Poem: Sounds of Songs by Moe Armstrong
A Death-Rebirth Experience by David Alexander
Lithium’s Other Face by Robert Berman
Poem: Jack Kerouac Didn’t Have a Case Manager by Moe Armstrong
My Struggle for Freedom by Dana Lynn
What Happened and How “What Happened” Got Better by Moe Armstrong
Recovery: The Lived Experience of Rehabilitation by Patricia E. Deegan
On My Own: A Personal Journey Through Madness and Re-Emergence by Rae Unzicker
Transforming Depression Into Creative Self-Expression by Betty F. McDermott
My Self Story by Barbara E. Wilson
The Risks and Rewards of Advocacy by Richard Weingarten
From Both Sides: The Experience of a Psychiatric Survivor and Psychotherapistby Virginia R. Wentworth


leroy LeRoy Spaniol, PhD, retired in 2004 as Senior Director at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  He holds a doctoral degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and has 41 years of experience in the mental health field as counselor, advocate, program developer, administrator, and educator.  Dr. Spaniol was the Founder and Executive Publisher of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal and is currently a Consulting Editor for the Journal. He has taught as an Adjunct Full Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling at Boston University.  He also founded and taught in the Recovery Center, a rehabilitation program for people with psychiatric disabilities at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  He is currently President of NAMI of Cape Cod and serves on the Affordable Housing Committee for the Town of Wellfleet, MA.  Dr. Spaniol has published 18 books and many book chapters and articles about psychiatric rehabilitation, recovery, and families.


Martin Koehler, BA, worked as a teaching assistant and a research assistant at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation for many years. He was involved in numerous presentations at conferences and co-authored several books on recovery published by our Center.


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