Recovery Education Program

The Recovery Education Program at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is an adult education program that offers students the opportunity to choose a range of wellness courses that support their rehabilitation and recovery efforts. The program is designed to strengthen and broaden the student’s knowledge of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual practices that will enhance their readiness for personal change and role recovery.

Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation


Program Enrollment

All interested individuals must meet the following requirements to be enrolled in the Recovery Education Program:

  • Complete a Recovery Center Student Application which includes a Medical & Psychiatric Information Form, and fax it to Stephanie Cummings at (617) 353-7700. After she has received your application, she will contact you to arrange a brief interview and a tour of our center.
  • Be willing to use an educational environment to foster their recovery
  • Be willing to consider participation in program evaluation research


Course Information

  • Courses are offered on a trimester schedule: September – December (Fall), January – April (Spring), May – August (Summer)
  • Courses change each trimester.
  • Fall course catalog will be available on 7/29/19
  • For more information, please contact Stephanie Cummings at (617) 353-3549 or


Course Registration Process

  • All students must complete a Course Registration Form; EVERY trimester.
  • Students may take up to 3 classes per semester.
  • Students interested in taking an exercise course must provide written authorization from their physician to participate.
  • Once form is completed, please submit to Stephanie Cummings by fax at (617) 353-7700, email or drop it off at the center.
  • You will receive a Course Confirmation Letter by mail about a week before the trimester starts.

Please keep in mind that you must be enrolled in the Recovery Education Program first before you can register for courses. See Program Enrollment for more details.*


The courses offered at the Center are free to all of our students.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to participate in the Recovery Education Program?

Interested individuals must apply to the program, provide documentation of a psychiatric condition, be willing to use an educational environment to foster their recovery, submit medical records, receive physician approval to participate in any of our Physical Fitness Classes, and be willing to consider participation in program evaluation research.

How do I apply to the Recovery Education Program?

You will need to complete a Student Application Packet which includes a Medical & Psychiatric Information Form, mail the packet to Stephanie Cummings or fax it to Stephanie Cummings at (617) 358-7700. After Stephanie has received your forms, she will contact you before the start of Course Registration to arrange a short interview and tour of the Center. The packet is available on this webpage.

How much does the Recovery Education Program cost?

The courses offered at the Center are free to all of our students.

How do I register for courses?

You must be enrolled in the Recovery Education Program to register for courses. After you’ve enrolled, you will need to complete a course registration form available on the last page of this catalog. This form is also available on this webpage. Please send the course registration form to Stephanie Cummings via fax at (617) 358-7700 or via email at We strongly encourage our students, current and new, to come to the Center to register in person, staff members are available to assist you in the process. Everything you’ll need to register for classes will be here.

How many classes can I take this trimester?

The Center offers students a maximum of 3 courses and registration is required for ALL of the courses offered. Therefore, ONLY register for the courses you are most interested in. Please note that although every attempt will be made to place you in your first-choice-course, there is no guarantee.

Can I add and/or drop a course?

Due to space limitations, there is no capacity for students to add a course to their schedule once the trimester starts. However, you may drop a course during the first 3 weeks of the trimester.

Do I need written medical permission to participate in any of the courses?

Yes, you will need to provide written medical permission for the following course: Supported Physical Activity.

What do I do if I am unable to attend my class?

Please call the Student Absentee Line at (617) 358-1413. We expect students to notify us if you are unable to come to your class that day.


Contact Us

Stephanie Cummings, Administrative Manager, Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Recovery Services Division, 940 Commonwealth Avenue West, Boston, MA 02215 T: 617-353-3549 F: 617-353-7700


Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering or doing an internship with the Recovery Education Program and College Mental Health Programs? Please fill out an application and return to Caitrin Thornhill at or fax to 617-353-7700.

Internship Application



Fall  2019 Registration:
July 30 – August 9
New Student Applications:
due by July 31
First Day of Fall Classes:
September 17

Any questions please, contact Stephanie Cummings at (617)353-1124


The Services Division at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is an inspiring educational environment where persons who have had behavioral health experiences find hope, become empowered by actualizing their dreams through setting goals to live, learn, work and live well in their chosen communities. Participants are “ students” who work with faculty and “Coaches” who help them achieve their goals successfully and with satisfaction. Students gain knowledge, skills and supports to live their lives fully. The Center does not provide medical treatment: we do not prescribe or deliver medications or therapy.