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Boston University Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
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Sigal Vax, M.Sc.OT

Doctoral Student and Research and Development Assistant 617.353.3549

Sigal Vax, MScOT, received her bachelor’s degree from Tel-Aviv University and her Master of Science in OT degree from Haifa University, both located in Israel. Sigal served as the Employment Services Manager of Israel’s largest Psychiatric Rehabilitation Agency – Enosh Society. Later in her career, she moved on to teaching in the Occupational Therapy Department and in the National School for Rehabilitation, Inclusion, and Recovery, both at Ono Academic College in Israel. She was part of the leading team translating and implementing the Readiness for Rehabilitation intervention across Israel and supervised employment teams in various settings.  Her 17 years of experience in training, supervising, and implementing psychiatric rehabilitation models has led her to collaborate with the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. She now works with Dr. Marianne Farkas and Dr. Kim Mueser on scaling up rehabilitation employment interventions for people with psychiatric disabilities. Sigal has published her work in the Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy and in several book chapters, and she has presented at conferences across Israel and in the United States. Her interests include knowledge translation and implementation of rehabilitation interventions, as well as ways for engaging people in their rehabilitation process. She is also interested in the application of knowledge across disabilities and cultures. Through her work, she hopes to create significant change in rehabilitation services, which will result in more people with disabilities living the lives they want.

Areas of Expertise

  • Knowledge translation and application of knowledge across disabilities and cultures
  • Implementation of rehabilitation interventions
  • Engaging people in their rehabilitation process

Selected Publications

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