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Philippe Bloch, M.Ed.

Senior Research Coordinator 617.353.5141

Philippe Bloch, M.Ed., is Senior Research Coordinator at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University. As a member of the Research Division, he assists Principal Investigators with study management; responsibilities include: grant writing, IRB submissions, recruitment, data collection and analysis, intervention fidelity, preparation of manuscripts for publication, curriculum development and development of training manuals in the field. He currently serves as Project Manager for multi-site, NIH-funded research study analyzing cognitive remediation and supported employment. As part of a NIDILRR-funded Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project (DRRP), he is the lead author of a curriculum designed to enhance community participation for people diagnosed with mental illness. Particular areas of interest include studying prejudice and discrimination related to mental illness, vocational recovery, empowerment of marginalized populations, and the photovoice participatory action methodology. In affiliation with Boston University Medical Center, he has contributed to ongoing smoking cessation and diabetes education studies by integrating photovoice sessions into those larger studies.

Mr. Bloch has a long-standing commitment to the field of human rights and has worked as a research assistant at Physicians for Human Rights and Cultural Survival. Together with his colleagues, he publishes his research in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at National Conferences, Grand Rounds, and community-based fora.

Philippe hails from New York City and resides in Brookline, Massachusetts. An aspiring poet and musician, Philippe admires integrity, subtlety and passion in art and life. Philippe embraces the Jewish faith and places the study and practice of the Torah at the pinnacle of his existence.

Selected Publications

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