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Joe Marrone, M.S.

Project Director 617.353.3549

Prior to joining the Center as a Project Director in 2019, Joe Marrone was a Senior Program Manager for Public Policy at the Institute for Community Inclusion/ UMASS BOSTON) for 25 years. He was also Coordinator of Training/ TA at the NIDILRR funded Vocational Rehabilitation and VR Management RRTCs based at ICI and the RSA funded 5-year research grant on helping Social Security recipients achieve economic self-sufficiency. He was formerly the Associate Director of the largest community mental health center in Washington State as well as having a 17-year career in public VR. He has consulted, trained, & lectured in all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, Asia, and Europe. In total, he has over 40 years direct service/administrative experience in delivering rehabilitation services and in community mental health. Joe has a strong interest in promoting employment outcomes for individuals with psychiatric conditions. He has lectured and published extensively on policy and program issues in employment services for both youth and adults including workplace supports, workforce development, welfare to work issues, and consumer empowerment. Joe has been on the staff of the New England Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Program and the University of Massachusetts at Boston, the Michigan State University Long -Term Training Grant in Psychiatric Rehabilitation as well as of the University of Pittsburgh/Western Psychiatric Institute’s National Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Grant. He has also been an Adjunct Faculty Member of the New England School of Professional Psychology and the Boston University School of Medicine. He is also on the Editorial Boards of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, Psychiatric Services, Journal of Mental Health, among other journals.


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