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Chitra Khare, M.A.

Doctoral Student and Research Coordinator 617.353.3549

Chitra Khare completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2005 from SNDT University in Pune, India. Chitra proceeded to focus her career on the development and implementation of rehabilitation practices for people with severe mental illnesses. She is a co-founder of a non-profit organization TRIMITI Trust (Training, Research and Interventions in Mental health and Illness through Innovation) in India. TRIMITI focuses on promotion and restoration of mental health. Chitra works with her mentor, Dr. Susan R. McGurk, at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. With the support of her mentor, and other colleagues at the Center, including Dr. Kim Mueser, she is pursuing multiple research projects on vocational and cognitive rehabilitation in the US and in India. One of Chitra’s primary goals is to develop and test a model of mainstream work and employment options for individuals with severe mental illnesses in India, where works services for people with SMI are largely nonexistent. She has recently received a second grant award from Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund (DASRF) to support her research on work status and employment preferences of over 500 individuals with SMI in India. Since coming to Boston University, Chitra has published a review paper of vocational models  (Khare et al., 2016) and translated into Marathi language, a screening instrument to identify mild cognitive impairment, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment – Basic (MoCA – B), a translation that has been officially adopted by MoCA developers.

Area of Expertise

  • Psychiatric rehabilitation



Detore, N. R., Hintz, K., Khare, C., & Mueser, K. T. (2019). Disclosure of mental illness to prospective employers : Clinical , psychosocial , and work correlates in persons receiving supported employment. Psychiatry Research, 273, 312–317.

Khare, C., Mueser, K. T., & McGurk, S. R. (2016). Vocational rehabilitation for individuals with schizophrenia. Current Treatment Options in Psychiatry, doi 10.1007/s40501-016-0082-9



Khare, C., Kasar, N., Mahamuni, S., Mueser, K.T., & McGurk, S. R. (2018, June).  Feasibility of cognitive remediation for people with schizophrenia in India. Poster presented  at the 21st Annual Cognitive Remediation in Psychiatry Conference, New York.