Training Technology

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Developed and field-tested by a team of research, training, and service professionals at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, each package includes all the materials needed to begin teaching students and practitioners immediately and effectively using this state-of-the-art teaching technology.

Training Package Components

Trainer Orientation GuideIncludes detailed descriptions of the content and organization of the teaching technology; training principles for before, during, and after training; specific training suggestions; a glossary; recommended readings and resources; and a training checklist.

Training Modules—Provide the trainer with detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans for teaching defined skills. Lesson plans include lecture points, examples, and directions for practice exercises.

Reference Handbooks—Include lecture summaries, case studies, and examples for study, review, and discussion for individual trainees/students. Also included are written practice exercises and skill evaluation checklists designed to be completed during the training sessions. A complete set of reference handbooks is included in each package. Additional sets for individual trainees/students can be purchased separately.

Slides—Slides are provided to visually reinforce lecture points.

Video Demonstrations—Actual consumer-practitioner interactions provide an overview of the activities being taught and demonstrate specific skills related to the activity. The video demonstrations also can be used to stimulate discussion.

Audio Demonstrations—In the Direct Skills Teaching and Functional Assessment packages, documentary recordings of practitioners meeting with consumers provide case studies for discussion. The Case Management audiotape presents a simulated case conference illustrating the entire case management process. There is no audiotape in the Setting an Overall Rehabilitation Goal package.

Resource for Staff Training, Workshops, Seminars, and Skill-Based University Courses

  • Packages can be used to train new staff or retrain existing staff.
  • Packages can be used to teach students in skill-based university courses in rehabilitation counseling, psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, and social work.
  • Packages can be used for workshop presentations and seminars for helping professionals.

Designed for Versatile Use

  • Packages can be used in their entirety to teach all the skills and activities of a particular technology.
  • Individual skill modules can be used independently to teach selected skills or activities within a technology.
  • Selected components such as video/audio demonstrations or case examples can be presented to stimulate discussion in classroom and clinical settings.