NITEO Summer

latin verb: present active \ niteo \ bloom or thrive; shine

NITEO is an intensive, one-semester program supporting young adults who live with a mental health condition develop wellness tools, academic skills, resilience, and work-readiness. NITEO was established in 2014, and over 100 students have graduated from the program and moved on to valued roles in their communities.

The NITEO curriculum provides students with opportunities to:

  • Practice and develop resiliency skills to help them live well at school and work,
  • Examine their educational, vocational, and social strengths and values, and
  • Develop an individualized path to choose, get and keep the valued roles of their choice.

All classes are held at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University and enrolled students have access to various other University resources including the Fitness and Recreation Center.


NITEO Summer Semester


The structure of our 11-week NITEO summer program provides students with the opportunity to stay engaged in school and continue to practice and build academic, personal, and social wellness. The program runs mid-June through mid-August, and classes meet Monday and Wednesday with a social outing activity, My Boston, offered on Friday. The fee for the summer semester of NITEO is $1200. College Coaching is not built into the summer program but can be added for an additional fee: $1800 or $1500 for NITEO alumni. Financial assistance through the Center may be available to students and families based on need, as we do not work with insurance companies.

Example of NITEO Semester Schedule



For information about the program contact Courtney Joly-Lowdermilk, NITEO Manager or 617-483-3827.



The Services Division at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is an inspiring educational environment where persons who have had behavioral health experiences find hope, become empowered by actualizing their dreams through setting goals to live, learn, work and live well in their chosen communities. Participants are “students” who work with faculty and “Coaches” who help them achieve their goals successfully and with satisfaction. Students gain knowledge, skills and supports to live their lives fully. The Center does not provide medical treatment: We do not prescribe or deliver medications or therapy.