Applying for College Coaching

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Students interested in working regularly with a College Coach are encouraged to visit with the program manager, Courtney Joly-Lowdermilk, to review the coaching model and discuss personal, educational, and wellness interests and goals. Applicants may also be invited to attend subsequent interviews with other NITEO staff.

Formal acceptance letters, along with information about submitting a deposit to secure the opportunity to work with a coach, are provided to students invited to join the program. Candidates who are not accepted are referred to other resources and programming that might better meet their current needs.

Apply for College Coaching



The Services Division at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is an inspiring educational environment where persons who have had behavioral health experiences find hope, become empowered by actualizing their dreams through setting goals to live, learn, work and live well in their chosen communities. Participants are “students” who work with faculty and “Coaches” who help them achieve their goals successfully and with satisfaction. Students gain knowledge, skills and supports to live their lives fully. The Center does not provide medical treatment: We do not prescribe or deliver medications or therapy.