Philippe Bloch, MEd

Senior Research Coordinator |

Philippe Bloch

Philippe is Senior Research Coordinator at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, having been on staff since 2002. He assists with the preparation and publication of manuscripts, coordination of sponsored research, data collection and analysis, instrument development, and implementation of fidelity assessments for different interventions the Center is delivering.  He has helped train classes for the Services Division at the Recovery Center and has done consultation work for the Center in partnership with the Training Division. His background includes a Bachelor’s degree cum laude from Harvard University and a Master’s degree in Education from Lesley University. Previous research experience included a stint at Nobel Prize-winning Physicians for Human Rights, where he prepared an Executive Report on Medical Neutrality in the Bosnian Conflict. Philippe also has other relevant experience working to protect and promote the indigenous rights of native peoples. He currently resides in Brookline, Massachusetts, and hails from New York City.

Areas of expertise include discrimination vis-à-vis mental illness, vocational recovery for people with mental illness, empowerment of marginalized populations, use of qualitative and quantitative analysis software, grant submission preparation, and publications issues such as copyediting, proofreading and writing for style. He is familiar with statistical norming procedures for cognitive testing data and has been involved with the PhotoVoice methodologies the Center is championing since inception.

Presentations have included workshops and institutes at National Conferences, Grand Rounds presentations, and community-based outreach around curriculum issues.

Personal interests include poetry, fine arts, humor, and study and practice of the Jewish faith.




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