Looking Beyond the Label

Photovoice Posters to Raise Awareness around Prejudice and Discrimination in Mental Health

Looking Beyond the Label - PhotoVoice Posters


Single poster: $19.95
Set of all 8 posters: $150


Mounted poster: $49.95
Set of all 8 mounted posters: $399

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Philippe Bloch
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The following set of Photovoice posters originally was produced from a grant funded by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. This set of 8 full-color posters measures 24″ x 30” apiece, and each piece is available either mounted on sturdy ¼” Gatorboard or as a poster sheet. The mounted pieces are ready to hang with Gorilla™ string and secure mounting brackets. They will hang very close to flush from the wall. Pieces can be ordered individually, or as a full set of 8 posters.

Special ordering instructions: Please contact Philippe Bloch, M.Ed., at 617-353-5141 or at bloch@bu.edu to arrange for payment and shipment.

Shipping costs are determined by destination (i.e., shipping to North Carolina is approximately $20 for the full mounted set). We are offering these poster sets strictly at manufacturing cost, so you will be referred directly to the printer to set up payment and shipping instructions. Posters sheets will be shipped in a sturdy shipping tube, at a correspondingly reduced cost.

Preview Posters

These posters were produced by people in recovery as part of a peer-led training curriculum to help fight currents of ignorance, prejudice, and discrimination around mental health issues. These posters were on display at the 2011 USPRA Conference. A second set of posters was displayed at the 2016 PRA Conference and similar information on purchasing these will be available shortly.

Preview Drain

Preview Factory

Preview Sugar Mamas

Preview Facade

Preview Fog

Preview Ice-olation

Preview Potential

Preview Medication

Product Details

Poster: 24″ x 30″, semi-matte finish mounted, and suitable for hanging
Published: 2011

Table of Contents

  • Catherine Imbasciati – Drain
  • L.Y. French – Factory
  • Anonymous – Sugar Mamas
  • P. Bloch – Facade
  • Peter – Fog
  • Anonymous – Iceolation
  • Susan P. – Potential
  • Paul Deyab – Medication



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