Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Technology: Direct Skills Teaching

Mikal Cohen, Karen Danley, and Patricia Nemec

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Technology: Direct Skills Teaching


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Audience: Recommended for use by instructors and trainers as part of an academic course, staff training, workshop, or seminar in the skills of the psychiatric rehabilitation process.


Direct skills teaching is different from behavior modification, conditioning, or training that shapes behavior without a person’s full control. Direct skills teaching involves individuals in comprehensive instructional activities, enabling them to perform skills when they choose to do so. This technology teaches practitioners how to help consumers acquire and use the skills needed to be successful and satisfied in residential, educational, vocational, and social environments. Practitioners learn how to outline skill content, plan the lesson, program skill use, and encourage the individuals’ participation throughout the teaching process.

Training Package Contents

  • Training Orientation Guide (PDF file)
  • Training Modules (6 books in PDF files)
  • Reference Handbooks (6 books in PDF files)
  • PowerPoint® Slides (PDF file)
  • Audio Demonstrations (in MP3 files, 3 examples approximately 10 minutes)
  • Video Demonstration (YouTube link, 3 excerpts approximately 1.25 hours)

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Citation: Cohen, M., Danley, K., & Nemec, P. (1985, 2007). Psychiatric rehabilitation training technology: Direct skills teaching. Boston: Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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Published: Edited and revised format 2007

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Outlining Skill Content
  • Planning the Lesson
  • Coaching
  • Programming Skill Use
  • Conclusion


mikal Mikal Cohen, PhD, was associate executive director at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and research associate professor of rehabilitation counseling at Boston University. Dr. Cohen developed psychiatric rehabilitation and case management training technology and wrote numerous journal articles, books, book chapters, and monographs.



danley Karen Danley, PhD, was Director of Development at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and research assistant professor of rehabilitation counseling at Boston University. Prior to that position Dr. Danley was the Center’s Director of Services. Dr. Danley is well known for describing the vocational applications of the psychiatric rehabilitation approach through numerous articles, training materials, and presentations.



nemec Patricia Nemec, PsyD, is an internationally recognized trainer in psychiatric rehabilitation, and was the director of the academic specialization in psychiatric rehabilitation at Boston University (now closed). She has played an important role on curriculum development teams for the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation as well as for regional training projects in psychiatric rehabilitation and academic curriculum development for undergraduate and graduate programs in health and rehabilitation sciences. As an active contributor to the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Pat was a key member of the task force groups that developed the USPRA Language Guidelines and the most recent revision of the USPRA Multicultural Principles. She is the current Vice President of the Commission responsible for the Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner program, and a founding member of the Consortium of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educators.


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