Lecture 2.5 The Icons


Icons are placed consistently throughout the PDP Online Courses to highlight points of interest for current and prospective students. Here’s a brief explanation of what each icon represents:


lock The “lock” image is placed near hyperlinks that require registration and a password for access.
keypoint The “key” image alerts the students that they are approaching a key point or concept in the lecture. By concentrating on and understanding the key points, the student will earn a solid understanding of the subject matter.
magnifyingglass The “magnifying glass” spotlights research studies in the field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation throughout the body of the lectures.
open book The “open book” image highlights references to readings in course texts and articles.
mouse The “mouse” image point outs hyperlinks that are crucial to the understanding concents of the course.
profile The “face” image represents clinical examples of the concepts in lectures. These examples are helpful in gaining a practical understanding of the course material.
questionmark The “question mark” image indicates questions that the reader should think about for him/herself.
brainstorm The “light bulb” image indicates that the the reader should brainstorm ideas, activities, or concepts.
paper&pencil The “paper and pencil” image is placed near practice exercises that requires writing thoughts, feelings, or concepts.
group The “group” image is placed near practice exercises that can be used in a group setting.
discussion The “conversation” image is placed near exercises that require group discussion.


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