Lecture 1.4 General Information about Links


The structure for all of the PDP Internet courses are as simple as possible to ensure advancing technology is not a limiting factor to enrollment. For the sake of the including as many people as possible, we’ll start simply.

The link is a staple of a website. All the text links on this website will be underlined so students can spot them easily. Your mouse pointer may change to something like a finger when placed over a link. A status bar at the bottom of your browser may show some text when placed over a link. Try it below to the link to the PDP homepage. This is a link to the Professional Development Program’s Hours Page. Links may appear in several different colors, which are set by the author of the webpage. Listed below are what the colors on this website mean (These links do not work, they are just demonstrating ways to find links within regular text)

  • A fresh link is a link that has not been visited yet, and will appear black like this:  a fresh link!
  • An active link is the color the link changes when you hold your pointer over a link and hold down the mouse button. It tells you that you are selecting a link. It will appear red like this: an active link!
  • A visited link, a link to a page that you have been to recently, will appear brown in color like this: a visited link!


 Links may be classified in one of three ways:

  • An internal link is a link to something else within the same web page. This local link will take you to the (top) of the page.
  • local link is a link which brings you to another page within the same website. On this website, local links will usually appear in the same browser window. Try this local link to the instructor’s profile, then use the browser’s “back” button, located in the top toolbar, to return to this page.
  • An external link is a link to an entirely different website. External links may be integrated in the body of lecture materials to seek additional information on a given topic or to see a specific image. On this website, external links will usually open in an entirely new browser window. Try this external link to the PRA home page.


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