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How to Navigate the PDP Online Courses


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my password not working/Why can’t I login to my class?
There can be a number of possible causes for this. The usernames and passwords are case sensitive, meaning that capital and lowercase characters count (mypassword is different than MyPassword and my_password). Consult the access email sent at the start of the class, and confirm that you are typing in the correct username and password.

Why does my browser have a warning window when I try to submit my entry form or question form?
By default, many browsers issue a warning regarding security and secure documents. This warning is to tell you that you are not participating in a secure transaction, and a third party may be able to intercept your form while in transit. Although this interception is not likely, your web browser is informing you so you don’t submit any important information like credit card numbers or bank account info. Since we are not dealing with the transfer of confidential information of a personal nature, this warning does not apply to us.

How can I increase the print size on the page for easier viewing?
If you have trouble with the print size while reading the Internet course or online seminar lectures, you can enlarge it by going to the View pull-down menu on your browser, click Text size and “Increase” or “Larger.”

Where do I send the completed exam?
The completed exam may be sent to:

Sue McNamara
Boston University
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
940 Commonwealth Avenue West, 2nd floor
Boston, MA 02215

How much time do I have to complete the exam?
You may take as much time as needed to complete the exam. There are no due dates for the online courses.

Where can I get course materials?
You may order the course materials from the PDP program at the time of registration.

For a list of Online Courses, go to: /store/courses/