Recovery Vision:

New paradigm, new questions, new answers.


An event for World Health Day 2001

In the last century it was believed that people with severe mental illnesses could not recover. Recent research has shown that the typical course of severe mental illnesses is, in fact, toward recovery rather than toward deterioration over time.

Dr. Courtenay Harding in this webcast, The Recovery Vision: New paradigm, new questions, new answers, briefly reviews the empirical knowledge underlying the vision of recovery and set out the challenges implied in taking the promise of recovery seriously. Dr. Courtenay Harding, known for her groundbreaking research in the field of recovery, reviews the evidence for recovery and its implications. She is followed by Dr. William Anthony, one of the pioneers in the field of recovery-oriented rehabilitation. He discusses how our understanding of recovery research must change the paradigm of the field and the questions we ask as we proceed into the future. Ms. Judi Chamberlin, an internationally known psychiatric survivor and advocate of individuals with a mental illness label, discusses the implications of the emergence of the vision of recovery for the roles of consumers and non-consumers in the ongoing development of the field. Dr. Marianne Farkas, researcher, staff developer, educator and consultant in recovery oriented psychiatric rehabilitation around the globe for over 20 years, concludes the web cast by addressing how the emergence of a new paradigm will pose challenges for the development of mental health and rehabilitation systems.

Recorded: April 6, 2001
Speakers: Courtenay Harding, Ph, William Anthony, PhD, Judi Chamberlin, and Marianne Farkas, ScD