Judi Chamberlin


Recorded: March 2009
Speakers: Judi Chamberlin
William Anthony, PhD
Marianne Farkas, Sc.D.


Featured recordings:

  • A Conversation with Judi Chamberlin and William Anthony
  • A Conversation with Judi Chamberlin and Marianne Farkas

These two interviews from March 2009 are conversations with Judi Chamberlin, leading activist, author, researcher, and pioneer in organizing on behalf of mental health consumer/survivors. Judi passed away after a long illness on January 16, 2010. We honor her courage, persistence, wisdom, intelligence and great spirit. She, along with other pioneers helped to shape the early consumer movement both here in the US and internationally. As the movement matured, she continued to be thought provoking, courageous and uncompromising in her commitment to the advancement of the movement and to full citizenship of ex-patients/survivors. She was our colleague for 30 years, here, at Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. She always challenged us to think critically and honestly about all aspects of this work and ourselves, while working collaboratively as part of our team, whenever there was an opportunity to move the field forward.