Speaker Bio: Richard C. Surles, Ph.D.

Richard C. Surles, Ph.D., is Senior Vice President and Director, Comprehensive NeuroScience, Inc., White Plains, New York. He heads the CNS efforts in the area of outcomes research, clinical guidelines, reimbursement services and behavioral pharmacy management. With over 25 years of executive experience in government and the private sector, he has focused on the organization and financing of service delivery systems for people with severe mental illness and disabilities.

Dr. Surles served as the Commissioner of Mental Health for the State of Vermont, the Administrator of Mental Health and Mental Retardation for the City and County of Philadelphia and from 1987 to 1994 and was the first non-physician Commissioner of Mental Health for the state of New York. In 1995 he assumed the position of Executive Vice President for National Operations at Merit Behavioral Care Corporation until the Company was sold to Magellan Health in 1998. Until his appointment at CNS, he served as a Research Professor and Executive Director for the Center for State Health Policy at Rutgers University.

Dr. Surles has received extensive career recognition from organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, National Mental Health Association and the Greater New York Hospital Association. In 1993 he was inducted as an Honorary Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He has been a member The Carter Center Mental Health Task Force since 1992.

Comprehensive NeuroScience, Inc. was incorporated in March 1999 primarily to conduct clinical trials for new drugs introduced to treat the central nervous system and related disorders. CNS promotes best clinical practices in the use of behavioral health pharmaceuticals in public sector settings with a special focus on Medicaid. In addition, the company has become the national leader for the development of expert, consensus-based clinical practice guidelines and related educational publications (The Expert Consensus Guideline Series). These guidelines are now used as a “best practice” standard in the treatment of children and adults with mental illnesses or emotional disorders.

CNS has contracts for services with 82 pharmaceutical and biotech companies including all of the major pharmaceutical firms.

The programs and services described in Dr. Surles’ presentation are sponsored by contracts with Eli Lilly and Company.