Colloquium on Health Promotion for People with Psychiatric Disabilities


Numerous studies have found there to be a high incidence of serious co-morbidities and premature mortality among individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Respectful support to access health care services and to learn about healthy lifestyles that include exercise, nutrition and weight management, and spiritual resources are critical components often missing in the mental health system.

The focus of the colloquium was to gain an understanding of the critical health needs of people living with psychiatric disabilities and to stimulate dialogue to discover effective ways to address these needs. The colloquium audience was comprised of an informed group of researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and people with psychiatric disabilities working together as change agents to promote health and improve service options related to physical health and well-being.

The three primary goals for this colloquium were: to learn from the meaning and implications of presenters’ work in this area, to explore viable solutions to the challenges that limit health promotion, and to formulate the “next steps” as we move ahead to develop initiatives in the areas of research and services focused on the right to health for people with psychiatric disabilities.

In this webcast, the morning speakers of the colloquium, Dr. Duckworth, Ms. Power, and Dr. Surles, discuss the prevalence, significance, and implications of health disparities for people with serious mental illness.

An archive of the Colloquium on Health Promotion for People with Psychiatric Disabilities is currently available.

Note: This webcast runs about two hours.

Recorded: October 4, 2004
Speakers: Kenneth Duckworth, MD, Kathryn Power, MEd and Richard Surles, PhD