Training and Technical Assistance

The following organizations state that they offer Recovery-oriented training or training materials. Listing them here does not constitute an endorsement of their programs nor is it based on any review of their training methods, qualifications or materials.

Advocacy Unlimited Inc

Advocacy Unlimited, Inc. is dedicated to educating individuals with psychiatric disabilities in areas of self, systems, and legislative advocacy skills. This organization is directed and controlled by persons with psychiatric disabilities or people who are in recovery. Funding is provided through grants from the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, SAMHSA and foundations.

Training Program: The Advocacy Education Course educates consumer leaders on advocacy and public speaking skills through an intensive 14 week semester, consisting of a seven hour class each week. Following graduation, the advocates attend bimonthly continuing education classes in support of their efforts. Participants make a commitment to volunteer six hours of their time each week for six months at an agency or clubhouse of their choice.

Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation – Boston University

A variety of services can be found at CPR including:

  • Short and long training options in new knowledge and skills
  • Certificate in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Workshops and Webcasts
  • Distance Learning: Online courses; self-paced reading and testing format of books and issues of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery

This organization is led by Mary Ellen Copeland, a mental health recovery educator and author who focuses on self-help. She has learned the concepts, skills and strategies she teaches from her own personal experiences and from her ongoing studies with people who experience psychiatric symptoms.

Training Program: Using WRAP and Peer Support Training. Using peer support skills with Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) offers people the opportunity to try out new ways of thinking, acting, and redefining who they can become. This training is specifically designed for people who are currently working with peer run programs or groups in combination with other mental health services.

National Empowerment Center

The National Empowerment Center is a consumer technical assistance center that contains a national directory of mutual support groups, drop-in centers, and statewide organizations; information on networking and coalition building; and workshops, public speaking, and training to providers. The Center is funded in part by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabiliations Services (NYAPRS)

NYAPRS is a statewide coalition of agencies and individuals who use and/or provide recovery-oriented community based mental services. NYAPRS works to improve services and social conditions for people with psychiatric disabilities or diagnoses, and those with trauma-related conditions by promoting their recovery, rehabilitation and rights. NYAPRS is funded via membership dues.

Training Program: NYAPRS offers provider organizations the opportunity for collaborative training opportunities, technical assistance, and resources with the aim of increasing attention and reflection on the principles of recovery and rehabilitation in mental health services. NYAPRS training programs are available to mental health providers, employment services, educational institutions, peer operated services, trainers, and all those seeking to transform services.

The Village Integrated Service Agency

The Village Integrated Service Agency provides training on the principles and practice of the recovery model and psychosocial rehabilitation. Training topics include whole-person approaches to intensive case management, dual diagnosis, employment, housing, community integration and medication collaboration. Consultations are also provided on outcomes and recovery-oriented leadership. This organization has trained individuals from around the United States and throughout the world.

Technical Assistance Centers

The following organizations provide technical assistance and are funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services: