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The Employment Intervention Demonstration Program Coordinating Center

The Employment Intervention Demonstration Program (EIDP) was funded to determine new ways of enhancing employment opportunities and quality of life for mental health consumers. The program consisted of multisite research study of innovative models combining vocational rehabilitation with clinical services and supports. The EIDP includes eight demonstration sites as well as a coordinating center, and explored the complex factors involved in securing and maintaining satisfying employment among mental health consumers. This web site includes downloadable research instruments, presentations, reference lists of published articles and reports, and preliminary study findings.


Housing within Reach

Housing within Reach provides Tennesseans diagnosed with mental illness or co-occurring disorders with an effective, consumer-directed, accessible housing resource system that helps them obtain quality, safe, affordable, and permanent housing. This organization also educates the public about the realities of mental illness, the stigma of mental illness and co-occurring disorders, and provides a more welcoming environment for residents of Tennessee neighborhoods.

Recovery through the Arts

The Awakenings Project

The Awakenings Project works to assist persons with mental illness in developing and enhancing their creative abilities through art in all its forms, and to raise public awareness of the creative talents and contributions of people living with mental illness. This volunteer organization sponsors and exhibits artwork, drama, literature, and music by artists who are survivors of mental illness. This project can be used as an example to implement recovery through the arts programs in other states.