The Community Action Grant for Systems Change

Phase I-II, Latino Priority
funded by SAMHSA/CMHS
3/2000 – 3/2003

Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, see profile
Principal Investigator

  • The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University
  • Massachusetts Department of Mental Health
  • Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)
  • Peer Education Project (Vinfen Corporation)

The goal of phase one was to achieve consensus and adapt the Choose Get Keep (CGK) approach to meet the needs of the Latino population.

The CGK model has both empirical evidence supporting the impact of the approach, as well as consensus among psychiatric rehabilitation experts as to its significance in the psychiatric vocational rehabilitation field. As a result of this effort, the model is considered culturally competent, and has been implemented in 5 sites throughout the state.

The goal of phase two was to implement the model, Modelo de Rehabilitación Vocacional para Personas Latinas con Condiciones Psiquiátricas y/o Coexistentes (“Choose-Get- Keep” Approach to Vocational Rehabilitation for Latino Individuals with Psychiatric and Co-occurring Conditions), in five Massachusetts sites: Lawrence, Cambridge, Boston, Springfield and Holyoke.

The final report of the community action grant, “The Choose-Get-Keep Approach to Vocational Rehabilitation for Latinos with Psychiatric and Co-occurring Conditions,” is available for full-text download:

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