Latino Initiatives

Iniciativas Latinas—(en Español)

In recent years, the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University has conducted several research and training projects in psychiatric rehabilitation in order to address the multicultural needs of Latinos with psychiatric disabilities.

Our Mission is to provide bilingual training, consultation and develop rehabilitation materials that provide effective and culturally competent care to Latinos with psychiatric disabilities and their families. Our goal is to reach the spanish-speaking communities around the world.

Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, MS, CPRP.
As the founder of Latino Initiatives at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Maria E. Restrepo-Toro has developed psychiatric rehabilitation tools to more effectively address the culturally-specific needs of Latino consumers and their families.



Psychiatric Vocation Rehabilitation Intervention for
Hispanics with Mental Illness at San Antonio, TX


Latino Hopes Newsletter: Opportunities for Latinos
Oportunidades para latinos (en Español)

While the recovery vision for people with psychiatric disabilities has been put forward to guide policies and practice in state…


Current Projects

Project: Latino Consumer-Provider Training Program | funded by NIDRR

This program trains Latino consumers, to function as peer providers and leaders in the mental health field in delivering recovery and recover-oriented psychiatric rehabilitation.

This project is a collaboration between the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University, the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care System and the Consumer Organization and Networking Technical Assistance Center (CONTAC), a division of the West Mental Health Consumer Association (WVMHCA).

Project: Development of an Instrument to Measure Recovery-Promoting Competence among Latino Mental Health Providers | funded by NIDRR

The purpose of this study is to develop a new instrument measuring the quality of the relationships Spanish-speaking individuals with psychiatric conditions have with their mental health and/or rehabilitation providers.

Completed Projects

Project: Rehabilitation Readiness Tool for Latinos with Psychiatric Disabilities | Funded by NIDRR

The purpose of this project was to develop a Spanish Guide to Assessing and Developing Rehabilitation Readiness for Latino Consumers with Serious Psychiatric Disabilities; Abriendo caminos en tu vida: Guía de preparación para la rehabilitación psiquiátrica.



For more information on Latino Initiatives
See our article in BU’s Sargent College publication, Inside Sargent, Fall 2002, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Takes Initiative to Improve Rehabilitation Services for the Latino Population. In addition, you can view the Community Action Grant Newsletter.