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Let’s Talk Employment
A Guide for Family Members of Individuals in Mental Health Recovery


Peer Support for Your Family Member


What Questions Should I Ask?

  • Why is peer support important?
  • How can my family member find peers to communicate with?


What You Should Know

Persons with mental health conditions often find great strength and inspiration from others with similar conditions, who have been able to find the skills, opportunities, and supports to achieve meaningful goals. You and your family member may want to subscribe to the Recovery Library as developed by Pat Deegan, an outstanding peer leader and voice of persons in recovery. It is regularly updated and always provides first person accounts of recovery.



There are numerous ways that you can help your family member find peer support for their vocational journey. Here are a few:

  • Informally through friends or associates in recovery, who have successfully handled their own vocational challenges;
  • Through a program that has peer support built into its vocational services.
  • Through a program that is a totally peer-run program with some emphasis on work.