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Who can help me explore what I would like and not like in a workplace?

There are many different options for you if you want to get support to figure out what your preferences are.  The roles of Vocational Rehabilitation, Supported Employment, Mental Health, and America’s Job Centers staff are explored here.

Additionally, you may want to consider peer supporters, who are equipped to share their own stories of vocational recovery and learning about themselves as workers.  Some peer specialists may get specialized training in how to support thinking about work, such as with training in Vocational Peer Support.  Others may be willing to talk it through and share their experiences.

Other supports may be helpful to you.  You may have friends, clergy or worship community members, family, or significant others who know you and what you like to do, what your strengths are, and what is important to you.  Talk with them about what they know about you, and get encouragement from them to try out different work experiences that may tell you more about what you like.

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