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What if I don’t think I have enough information to move forward with work?

There are two kinds of information you may want to have about work: information about yourself as a worker, and information about the world of work.  (Farkas, et. al., 2000; Nicolellis & Legere, 2015) The situations below may help you think through how to deal with not having enough information to feel confident about working.

I don’t have enough information about myself as a worker or about the world of work:  If you don’t think you know enough about what you like about work, what your interests are, and what you’re good at, or what’s out there, then you might want to do things like:

  • Explore your options for work.  Go to a site such as O*Net, which has a lot of information and ways to explore the things that might appeal to you as a worker.
  • Talk to people about work.  Ask them what they do, what they like about what they do, and how they got into that work.  Find out from people what their vocational paths have been like.  This is sometimes called “Informational Interviewing.”
  • Try out different jobs!  The best way to find out about yourself as a worker, is to do it.  We learn what we like about different work environments by working in a variety of places.  We learn what we’re good at, and not so good at, through our learning and working experiences.  Life’s a good teacher, so use experience with work to learn who you are as a worker.


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