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What kinds of people supports are there?

We can think of the kinds of support provided by people in two ways:

  • Emotional Support
    Emotional support is related to close personal relationships. You might think about it as helping to increase your feeling of hopefulness and optimism, especially in regards to work. Emotional support may look like a friend listening to you or someone “being there” with you.
  • Practical Support
    Practical supports for work can be a lot of things, but they help out in very concrete ways, such as as with bus fare, childcare, helping out with interview clothes, or practicing your elevator speech

“Place supports” for work are those places that support you in your work efforts.  Places may include spaces at work that support you, such as your supervisor’s office, or the Employee Assistance Program.  They may also include places outside of work, such as a local park, your home, or the local library.


Things that support work are items that serve as resources for you either inside or outside of work. Examples include computers, alarm clocks, or a smartphone to help you set reminders.

Activities that support work are the things that you do to boost your confidence to consider, choose, get, and keep work. Examples include exercising, revamping your resume, or talking to a friend.

Consider the following if you are thinking about the kinds of supports you have or need for working:

  • What kinds of people, place, thing, and activity supports do you have now that can support you to make a change in your work situation?
  • What kinds of supports do you think you will need to gather or develop?


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