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What if I don’t feel supported enough to work?

You may feel, after considering how much support you have, that you have less support for working than you think you’ll need.  You may have looked at your situation, and either feel unsupported overall, or have some support but not enough, or see detractors from the vocational change you want to make.  What can you do?

Gather supports:  Think in terms of the people, places, things, and activities that could support you as you Choose, Get, and Keep work. (Farkas, et.al., 2000).  Start to gather the items and people you think could support you, and start to do the activities that can boost your capacity to move toward work.

Educate your supports:
If people in your circle are divided about your working, have concerns about it, or are actively working against your plans to work, one thing you may think about doing is to educate your supporters about your plans.  You may want to talk with them about why you want to work, how you plan to do it, and why you think this will work.  Find out about their concerns, and talk about them.  Try to come up with a way to come together around steps to get started, even if you don’t agree about everything.

See these additional resources if you want to look at supports for work:

Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities: a workbook for thinking about (Readiness), choosing, getting, and keeping jobs, school, places to live, and social settings.

Vocational Empowerment Photovoice: a peer-led group designed to help people to think about work by taking photos, adding narratives, and working through a series of worksheets to help consider work.

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