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Thinking About Work


What role can work play in our lives?

Work can play many roles in our lives. Work means different things to different people, depending on culture, beliefs, preferences, and opportunity.  For many of us, work is a means to get by and pay our bills.  For some of us, work is a calling or a means to a spiritual mandate or fulfillment.  For others, work is a meaningful activity that adds purpose to our lives.  Work may fill any, or all of these descriptions for you and more.

How would you describe work and its meaning to you? Beyond meaning, purpose, and income, work can offer us a valued role in society.  There is much work to do in any community, and taking part in the workforce in some capacity can allow us to contribute to the society we live in. That we contribute, or perhaps, how we contribute, can offer us a role that is valued by others. Think about the first question that is often asked at parties,  “So, what do you do?”  Having a role, whatever that is, may offer us status, even validation, as well as a sense of full citizenship.

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