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How is work supportive of recovery?

We know that people who have experienced what is called mental illnesses can and do recover. Even people with diagnoses who were once considered the most difficult have been shown, across the globe, to have greater recovery rates than ever before expected (Davidson, Harding & Spaniol, 2006). People labeled with psychiatric diagnoses have been telling their stories of recovery for many years.

Just a few examples are listed below, with stories in different formats. Voices of Recovery (book) Experience of Recovery (book) CAMH Stories of Recovery (website) Video Stories of Vocational Recovery (website). In recent decades, we have seen a rise of research, stories, and activism that speak to the importance of work in recovery. National Empowerment Center Recovery Stories (website) Pat Deegan: Recovery from Mental Disorders (video) Becoming Doctor Deegan, Hogg Foundation (video).

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