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What if I decide that I do not need to work now?

You may decide that a vocational change is not for you right now. The decision to work is generally up to you, but you may also need or want to consider the opinions and needs of others who are important to you.   If you decide that you have no need for changing your work situation now, then you likely have decided that you are happy with your current workplace and activities. You may decide that this is not the time to shake the boat. But, you may have other decisions to make.  You may be considering other life roles such as going to school or training, getting a nice place to live, taking care of your health and wellness, getting involved with a spiritual community, dating/expanding your social circle, and/or getting involved with your community. You may decide that you are happy with your current situation, yet you still want to consider work.  There are ways to build your Need, by:

  • Finding out more about work in general,
  • Experiencing different kinds of jobs in order to discover your own likes, dislikes, and strengths
  • Discovering your own passions
  • Talking to people about why they work
  • Gathering supporters who like the idea of your working
  • Reconsidering your need for work after doing some of these things


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