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What if I decide that I DO need a change in my work situation?

There are lots of things you can do if you feel a Need for change in your employment situation.  You can continue exploring The World of Work or Supports for Work if you want to consider how confident you feel about making a change now. You can start to Choose the kind of work you want to do if you’re unsure about a vocational direction. You can work on Getting a job if you know you want to start working now.  If you have seen enough, and want to think about Choosing the kind of work you may want to do, click here.

For more on the need for a work change, you may be interested in: MacDonald-Wilson, K.,et al (2001) (article) Self-Directed Rehabilitation Activities, by S. McNamara, et. al. (2011) (workbook) Introduction to Rehabilitation Readiness, by M. Farkas (2000) (book).

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