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What if people are telling me that I’m not ready to work?

Readiness is an interesting thing. Most people think of readiness as being “able” to work. And many people think that we can tell when another person is “ready.” However, readiness in many ways is about your willingness, hope, and motivation. Your ability to work is something you can develop as you go along: as you choose the job, work on getting the job, even on the job. And employment and vocational counselors may be able to help you learn the skills you need to be successful at the job (see Keeping).

If you feel ready, and your supporters don’t think you’re ready, consider how important those perspectives are to you. Consider why you are hearing those perspectives: is to protect you? Doubt you? Additionally, think about what kind of support you want from your supporters. Would they support you to try out a step toward work? Can they help you work with a vocational counselor who can work with you and them toward choosing the right job?


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