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How can I try out work to see if work is right for me?

If we haven’t had any work experience, or a little, or if we haven’t worked in a long time, then we may start to wonder if work is the right thing for us. One of the best ways to decide if work is for you to try it out a few times.  Actually doing work, and trying it out a few times, may be the best way to learn if working is right for you.

Try out work by:

Getting Jobs:  Getting actual jobs is one of the best ways to see if work is for you. You can get paid and it is the closest to the experience you’re trying to assess for yourself. Working is the best way to decide if you want to work.

Job Shadowing:Shadowing” someone is observing, or watching, someone do work to see what they do on the job.  Some jobs may be easier to shadow than others, and vocational counselors may be able to help you set up a job shadow experience if you want to try it.

Volunteering: Though volunteering doesn’t pay you money, when you volunteer your time, energy, and skill to an organization, you get “paid” with experience. This is a chance to see if you like working and you may get a job reference for future job applications.

Transitional Employment: Some employment programs, such as ICCD Clubhouses, can offer short-term job experiences.

Internships and Apprenticeships:  Some school programs offer internships as part of the training.  Apprenticeships may be offered by vocational training programs.  If you are in a training or educational program, talk to the instructors or career counselors about the possibilities of intern/externships and apprenticeships.


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